May 19, 2024

2015_Peugeot_308_SW_024Over the course of our European trip we were able to evaluate a few Peugeot models thanks to Peugeot’s Netherlands press department. First in line was this 308 SW GT-2.0-BHDi. A whole mouth ful, but basically what it meant was that this a Station Wagon in a GT version, equipped with a 2.0 liter BlueHDi 180 turbo diesel engine with 6-speed automatic gearbox, including Stop & Start technology and comply with current Euro 6 standards. The sporty character of the New 308 GT is developed through a lower body position and optimized suspension. It delivers outstanding body stability, whilst ensuring a high level of comfort at all times and on every kind of road.



Available in a range of exciting colors including exclusive Magnetic Blue, the New 308 GT will attract admiring glances wherever it goes. Behind its fluid, sporty lines is a ride height lowered 7mm at the front and 10mm at the rear. Discreet side skirts on the lower body frame lend a broader presence, alongside stunning 18″ Diamond alloy wheels. At the rear, a high-gloss black diffusor surrounds twin exhaust pipes to make the New 308 GT every bit as eye-catching. LED lighting helps create an instantly recognizable front face and includes exclusive direction indicators, positioned just above the air intakes and scrolling outwards, in keeping with the vehicle’s technical excellence.


Once inside, you’ll be struck by an impressive, top-quality cabin that wears its sporting heritage with pride. Here, the New 308 GT really excels, combining aluminum pedals, stainless steel door sills and Anthracite-colored roof headliner and trim parts. The red stitching on the upholstery, dashboard, door panels and gear lever convey style, with floor mats adding a final touch of GT flair. Each detail has been carefully crafted and finished, enhancing and enriching your driving experience.


Peugeot’s engineering excellence has ensured the New 308 GT has an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, which means it maximises its dynamic performance, whilst ensuring the driver is in full control at all times. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art chassis and suspension design deliver an intense level of enjoyment. The New 308 GT offers a choice of two new high-performance engines. The GT 205 features a 1.6 e-THP 205 Stop & Start turbo petrol engine with 6-speed manual gearbox, while the GT 180 comes with a 2.0 BlueHDi 180 turbo diesel engine with 6-speed automatic gearbox. Both engines include Stop & Start technology and comply with current Euro 6 standards. The sporty character of the New 308 GT is developed through a lower body position and optimised suspension. It delivers outstanding body stability, whilst ensuring a high level of comfort at all times and on every kind of road.


Climb into the cabin and become one with New 308 GT. A head-up instrument panel, 9.7″ touch screen and compact, perforated leather steering wheel, complete with GT badge, are all part of Peugeot’s i- Cockpit and guarantee a uniquely pleasurable driving experience. Switching on the ignition displays a chequered flag GT greeting on the instrument panel, accompanied by a sporty ‘Redline’ colour scheme on the touch screen. Once behind the wheel, a further boost to driving enjoyment comes in the form of the Driver Sport Pack. Activated by a button on the centre console, this feature enhances further the sports experience with:

  • Digitally amplified engine note
  • Sharper power steering and accelerator pedal responses
  • Visual display of power and torque, turbo pressure and acceleration
  • Improved steering wheel paddle responses from the automatic gearbox on the GT 180


The New 308 GT is an exemplary fusion of design and dynamic performance, offering a superb level of finished quality. Inside and out, each element is fine-tuned to perfection: fine, premium-quality materials from foam-backed dashboard, through full-grain leather steering wheel, to heat-formed door panels. Care and attention has gone into every detail – and it all adds up to a hugely pleasurable experience for driver and passengers alike.

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  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_007
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  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_008
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_008_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_009
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_009_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_010
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  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_011
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_011_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_012
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_012_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_013
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_013_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_014
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_014_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_015
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_015_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_016
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_016_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_017
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_017_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_018
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_018_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_019
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_019_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_020
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_020_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_021
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_021_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_022
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_022_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_023
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_023_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_024
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_024_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_025
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_025_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_026
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_026_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_027
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_027_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_028
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_028_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_029
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_029_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_030
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_030_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_031
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_031_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_032
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_032_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_033
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_033_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_034
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_034_1
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_035
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_036
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_037
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_038
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_039
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_040
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_041
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_042
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_043
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_044
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_045
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_046
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_047
  • 2015_Peugeot_308_SW_048

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