July 24, 2024


The 2015 VW Beetle TDi is a very elegant and fun wolf in sheeps clothing kind of car. You can use it to comfortably cruise along the coast or through the mountains, but it also is there when you really need to step on it to move into lanes on a freeway, or when you just want to let your hair down driving on a fun road at some speed.

We used the Beetle in both type of situations several times, and to full satisfaction, and the fun factor is always given. The additions to make it an R-Type version, like the wheels and the rear spoiler, are rather subtle and subdued, but you do ‘get it’ when you see it compared to others. It is very much the VW way, enhanced, since I must admit that it is often hard to spot the differences in levels on the Passat, Jetta and Golf you see driving around. I get the impression that the Beetle, because of it uniqueness, offers a more free canvas for the designers to show what they can really do.

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