May 19, 2024


The Alfa 4C is not just a mid-engined 2 seater. It is truly built as a sports car, very much in the line of the Lotus Elise type derivatives, but then in a much more substantial way. It is not a car to drive around with for a family outing, along tourist attractions. It is too raw, too basic, too much a race car for that abuse. It is barren, basic, raw.. It is very much real..

For the US market the car might be a bit too real, to basic and too raw. It is conceived to fit narrowly around the driver, and it does, if the driver is not overweight, flexible, fit.. It is not recommended for anyone who does not fit that description, or wears a suit for that matter. Best recommendation would be to wear racing overalls. Also, don’t be under the illusion you can bring a suitcase, or even hand luggage with you, unless you are alone in the car and use the passenger side for that purpose. The trunk with fit a few clothes, towels, sports shoes etc., enough to get you to the fitness center, but that is about it.

Ideally I would love to see a vehicle like this on the US market with a slightly bigger size, a bit more luggage space and a lot bigger door opening. I realize it will be driven for fun, but even with fun you don’t want to be devoid of any creature comfort. We’re not F1 drivers, we don’t win races, we just love driving.. Within the Fiat-Chrysler group it should be possible to create something more suitable for the US market than this.


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