April 13, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

What a difference a color makes… We had the newest generation VW Beetle a few months ago. It was quite a basic version, and it was black. Neither my daughter nor myself, nor anyone we spoke with at that time, liked the car at all, let alone thought it an improvement over the previous, cute, but perceived as feminine one. Adding to that was the substantial price, the huge door, the near impossibility to understand the German logic on how to connect a cell phone to the car system. Simply speaking: I was at a loss how to give this anything but a very negative crit.

Enter our most recent Beetle, in Yellow!! Wow.. I never understood what a difference this makes. Both my daughter and myself, as well as many people we encountered during our travels, were thoroughly impressed by the VW Beetle.., even though it was still a very basic version..

[singlepic id=12476 w=480 h=640 float=center]The yellow Beetle came at a time when I had gone through some more VW’s, and had figured out at long last what extensive procedure to go through to get my cell phone hooked up, although I still think it is very much overcomplicated compared to any other brand of car I have driven in recent times.

It didn’t hurt either that we took it on a trip to Sequoya National Park, where we could enjoy the Beetle in a natural environment very reminiscent of the German Taunus region. We had sunshine and a very good time, so that helped. But all in all, the happy faces looking at the car, the thumbs up from the few other yellow new Beetles we met on the road, it all seemed in this cars favor.

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