May 19, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

Having seen the latest Buick LaCrosse feature on several high ranking TV shows we were quite anxious to get our hands on one and try it for ourselves. Compared to previous generations, this seemed like a really good car actually, with enough prestige and restrained styling to be able to compete with the major players in this segment. Sadly, when we did take delivery of our test vehicle, it was equipped with the latest options, in particular the 4 cylinder Eco engine option.Looking at the LaCrosse it is clear this is a substantial vehicle, and rightly so. This makes it a good competition to the established brands. We seriously wonder whether the extra sales of a 4 cylinder engined option, with the consequence of seriously under-powering the car for those owners, was the wisest of ideas. Our version was extremely underpowered by any standards, and although we were thoroughly impressed with the all other aspects of the car, the vastly underperforming engine put a severe damper on our overall view, wondering seriously if GM has learned any lesson indeed from its bankruptcy, or if it well on its way to continue doing business as before?

The LaCrosse has a really well balanced exterior design, with enough sculpture in line with recent Buick concept vehicle design language, not over-styled, and with a good fit and finish. This trend continues on the interior with a more than sumptuous cabin furnished in good materials, excellent fit and finish, and a design that is both modern and functional. Seating position is excellent as well, and there is room enough for 4 big adults, or of course the 5 person family.

With such a generally good car, why oh why would GM take the risk to sell it underpowered like this version..? Surely some people in marketing must have come up with better scenarios to go down market than going through the expensive and odious task of putting a 4-banger in there? Come on..! Put on your thinking caps people..!

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