May 25, 2024

The DeLorean brand has had it’s up and downs throughout the last 40 years and now that there is a survival of the brand it might be time to find out what is the essence of the brand identity, what are the key parts which can be and should be carried through back to the future?

The new DeLorean company has introduced the Alpha 5 to mixed reviews within the designers community, so, what would’ve been a better DeLorean?

We are asking designers to submit their proposals for the new DeLorean brand. It should clearly be future minded with clean zero emission power. It should clearly represent what you think DeLorean stood for at the time or over the past 40 years. Should it reference the movie that made it famous?

Over the next 2 months we will be requesting submissions from all DeLorean aficionado’s from around the globe, many of them within our design community, to share their Vision of the DeLorean’s future. Maybe provide food for thought to the people in charge there?

Deadline July 31, 2022, so we can announce the winner(s) prior to the 2022 Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance. You’re free to use any medium you prefer, as long as it convincingly promotes your vision of the direction DeLorean should take.

Send your submissions to

This is not done in conjunction with the DeLorean Motor Company. This is purely from within the car designer community.

Good luck!

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