April 13, 2024

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer SE 2.4L AWC initial thoughts


It does seem, driving this Mitsubishi Lancer, that we are witnessing Mitsubishi’s swan song. From an erstwhile distinguished company with highly innovative products, it has faded into a mere ghost of its former self.

The highly public debacles of financial abuse, and the separation from partners like Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler, clearly ave left the company with insufficient funds to keep their model range up to date, let alone renew it substantially. It is almost a tragedy witnessed in slow motion.

I, and with me I am sure many others, that Mitsubishi will be able to climb out of this and restore it to its former glory. A first step would be to break with face-lifting the current range, and invest in a exciting new product line that lures people to the dealer showrooms, because this Lancer sincerely does not do that, and getting people to go to the dealers is of vital essence.


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