April 13, 2024

Geneva 2016: World premiere of the Kia Optima Sportswagon



Based on last year’s concept car, the Sportsspace, Kia  presents their mid-class estate: the Kia Optima sportwagon. The sporty, elegant Optima scores well with beautiful design combined with high-quality equipment and the latest technology.

Source: Auto Video Review

  • kia_optima_sportswagon_exterior_19_opt
  • Kia_Optima_IMG_2091_opt
  • Kia_Optima_IMG_2097_opt
  • Kia_Optima_IMG_2112_opt
  • kia_optima_sportswagon_exterior_08_opt
  • kia_optima_sportswagon_exterior_17_opt

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