May 25, 2024

Czinger unveils SR-71 inspired Blackbird edition 21C at The Quail Lodge


Czinger Vehicles revealed itsSR-71 inspired Blackbird edition of the path breaking 21C at The Quail during Monterey Car Week.The one-of-a-kind rendition pays tribute to the air-dominating machine that inspired the father-son duo from the beginning. This iteration of the world’s first human-AI designed and additively manufactured hypercar is truly a founder’s edition, bringing the brand back to its roots.The Blackbird fully expresses Czinger’s iconic design, path breaking technology,and unmatched performance.It is an icon reborn.From the start, the SR-71’s groundbreaking innovation and dominating performance served as inspiration for the 21C, as evidenced in its signature inline seating,high downforce aerodynamics,strong hybrid architecture, super computing-generated chassis and suspension design,and additively manufactured structures with purpose-built materials.

These elements,in combination,create the pinnacle in hypercar performance. And, as form follows function, its power and purpose are reflected in the beautiful, organic lines of the 21C’s body.Moreover, underneath the body is the ultimate in generative design and 3D printed parts–the structure of speed incarnate –created using Czinger’s proprietary digital manufacturing system.

The Blackbird edition receives an exclusive exterior executed in a single tone dipped in a deep custom JET black paint with integrated exposed carbon surfaces and SR-71 inspired livery.Power is amplified with a 100bhp increase to 1,350bhp, as standard, along with a custom exhaust that harkens back to the iconic shape of the SR-71 afterburners.The inspiration continues into the wheel design, shadowing the signature top view profile of the SR-71 to provide the profile for the spoke of the wheel; this beautiful and functional shape blends into the carbon rim and the titanium hub center.

Additionally, unique logos and graphics identify the extraordinary execution of the edition.

The Blackbird interior receives the same considered approach as the exterior.Trimmed parts are covered in an exclusive Alcantara pattern created especially for the SR-71 livery, acknowledging the character and technology behind the legendary stealth plane. The deep black material is laser-etched with a contrasting, perforated backing in afterburner orange, radiating from the center of the seats, creating a sense of expansiveness.

This is complemented by black leather on door spears and steering wheel. Satin titanium printed parts further elevate the interior’s exposed structural network.

The collaboration between Czinger and Alcantara is a natural fit, as both companies share a strong commitment to sustainability and prioritize style and innovation.

“The SR-71 reflects the pinnacle of innovation from its time. At Czinger, we are deeply devoted to developing the cutting-edge technology of this century, taking car manufacturing from analog to digital, and creating a monumental shift in the automotive industry. The 21C Blackbird edition is our nod to innovation at its finest,” said Czinger Vehicles Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger.

Lukas Czinger, Co-Founder and COO, added, “Revealing the Blackbird edition today is a full circle moment, as I remember watching Kelly Johnson documentaries and building SR-71 models with my father growing up. Now as founders deeply inspired by the SR-71 program and Skunkworks mentality, it is with great joy that we offer our customers the most advanced version of the 21C in the Blackbird edition. It is the edition that Kevin and I dreamed of.”

Czinger also displayed its 21C V Max in Iceman Blue at The Quail, a fitting pairing alongside the Blackbird. This V Max example is the ultimate statement of the brand’s design approach of Functional Art; it is a vehicle that is function, beautifully formed.This iteration shows off the most aerodynamic and elegant parts of its high-speed technology.The exterior takes a graceful approach with its silver-blue body,contrasted by exposed carbon aero systems.

The approach of simple sophistication carries through to the interiors monochromatic “shade and shadow” tones of the same sky blue exterior color.Artisan carbon fiber weave forms the visual framework for the door panels,inline seating,and center control display panels. Co-Founders Kevin and Lukas Czinger were on hand throughout the day, meeting with owners, prospects and dealers and answering questions about the latest updates at Czinger.

The duo will be also available to the press and the public on Saturday, August 19,at Sunset Center, where both vehicles will again be displayed. The 21C is the world’s fastest production car, developed utilizing Czinger’s proprietary human-AI design, additive manufacturing, automated assembly,and sustainable manufacturing processes.

The competitive nature of the Czingers drives the performance aspects of the brand. As such, the 21C has broken multiple track records, including Circuit of the Americas and Laguna Seca, with plans to shatter additional international track records. As Czinger prepares for its first customer deliveries later this year, it has established an impressive international footprint with 15 Global Dealers, including London, Barcelona, Munich, Frankfurt, and Tokyo.The limited 80-car production run of both 21C variations is being swiftly secured, with clients placing highly customizable orders to ensure their ownership of a piece of automotive history.

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