May 25, 2024

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Text and Photos by Cor Steenstra

The new Mazda Mazda5 is the latest of the Mazda range with the already “old” wave” design theme prominently featured all over it. This includes the overal wavy design as well as the specific waves decorating the sides of the car. In itself it does make the Mazda5 stand out from the crowd with that, it is well executed and harmoniously integrated in the overall; design of the car. If it can stand the test of time, or if it will fade to dated really quickly only time will tell, and is also dependent on Mazda’s next design language theme, and how much that breaks with what was built up in this Wave language.The Mazda5 is light, quick, nimble and remarkably flexible with its 7 passenger seating squeezed in such a tiny package. It does actually all work, although compared to the American 7-seater SUV’s, it does feel eeny weeny tiny. However, as said, it does really fit the amount of people, is still compact in its dimensions and of course uses relatively little fuel as a result, a mere 27 mpg is what we managed on average.

Of course it is not a Lexus, so the quality feel is a bit more flimsy, not as much a sense of perceived quality, but in all, the fit and finish is good for this category, and more than enough for this kind of vehicle.

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1 thought on “2012 Mazda Mazda5

  1. It’s great that Mazda is reviving their MPV albeit in a more soccer-mom van fashion. I’ve always loved how the MPV lived up to its name in how it was multi-purpose. I believe the market is shifting away from vans to either small sedans or the bigger crossover SUV like the edge.

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