July 19, 2024

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Text and Photos by Cor Steenstra

The Chevrolet Equinox survived the GM bankruptcy and was deemed a “current” enough vehicle in the old GM line up to remain. Clearly, the current sales numbers must prove GM right in their decision, and we do see plenty of these driving around. The Equinox appears a lot in school parking lots where it is one of the current “mom’s” SUV’s used to transport the kids to and from school.Exactly why these kind of SUV’s have replaced is unclear to me, but must have something to do with the “look of dominance” and perceived strength compared to the “soccer mom” minivans. Any other logic simply is not given. There is certainly not more interior space, not easier to get in and out of, nor is the luggage capacity bigger. So is bigger better?

Over the next few weeks we will evaluate a number of vehicles in both categories, and see what we think at the end of this.

In itself, the Equinox is a very capable workhorse, for the sort of work outlined above. On average we found the fuel consumption on the high side, which is inevitable for this size and weight of vehicle. The fit and finish was good, but not exceptional. All in all, there is nothing wrong with the car, except that we think there at least equally good, if not better options out there these days.

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