May 19, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

We were at the introduction of the Infiniti EX35 back at Pebble Beach in 2007, and were interested to see how it had faired through the times passed. It is surprisingly up-to-date still, despite the 4 years of aging it has endured, and still is a harmonious  and timeless design, proving that there is something to be set for balance, and the art of leaving out.The EX35 has a no frills exterior design, but with well balanced lines adoring very well sculpted surfaces, and finished off with the right blend of detailing without relying on simple frills for frills sake.

This complete balance is carried through to the interior, where the perception of quality is felt throughout in the front and back. Everything fits like a glove, and the materials used are of the right level of fit and finish. Add to this the updated electronics and up to date convenience features, and we feel this EX35 still has some ways to go before needing a replacement.

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