July 24, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

Remember the Golf GTi in the late 70’s, the Opel Astra GSi and Honda CRX in the late 80’s? This Kia Forte Koupe has all the potential to be just like that now: A really fun an sporty car that has a practical side as well. As you can tell, we really enjoyed experiencing this Kia. It is nimble on the throttle, has a smooth and sporty gearbox, excellent road holding even on curvy mountain roads, enough interior space and flexibility, and.., it just looks the part.With Kia’s hiring of Peter Schreyer and allowing him the  authority to just create a proper product line-up different from Hyundai, it is clear Kia did the right thing. We were already impressed with the Kia offerings thus far, and this Forte Koupe kust adds the dot on the i. It is dynamic looking, with the right stance, and the new Kia down the road graphics, yet it does not rely on gimmicky styling cues in any sort of way, yet appears more dynamic and to the point than for instance Honda’s latest Civic Coupe offering.

Fit and finish are modern day Kia good, and are better than most of its competitors, and the execution of exterior and interior design are just right. The average fuel consumption of 23 mpg we achieved is not class leading, but is very good considering how we used the car. You can’t expect better.

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