May 19, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra.

Car Design TV is aimed at car designers and car design enthusiasts, and although we think this is the most important group to target, it is clearly a niche market. It is therefore that we don’t get as many viewers as the main stream sites that quote details straight from brochures, and proclaim acceleration and top speed test that are both illegal, and that no normal car buyer will ever be able to achieve. It is because of that that we don’t have major sponsors to the site, and also that some brands do not provide us the vehicles you would really want us to show you.

Now we can wait until the “word” gets out by you guys, our loyal readers/viewers, and we do create a big following, but we like to take some pro-active action ourselves. We went and bought some of the cars we want to show you, cars we are passionate about, and cars we simply think are interesting and out of our reach. That would have cost us a pretty capital, and we did not have that, but we do have GT5 on PS3. So here is the first of our evaluations done through that medium, the Lamborghini Aventador, with an extensive gallery to boot.The Aventador is a very extreme design, clearly inspired by the design of stealth war planes and vessels. It does this very well, although a bit behind in the times, since most stealthy designs these days feature a much less aggressive angular design theme, more sophisticated and intimidating.

Having said that, the Aventador is nothing if not completely intimidating. We consciously bought the version in matt black, emphasizing that fact more than any conventional gloss color could do. The angular design theme is skillfully carried through into the shape of the front intakes, ans well as the rear spoiler, and the reference to this is found throughout. The interior we found modern, functional and very sporty of course, although there is a distinct sense of claustrophobia present. Of course it is a very aggressive sports car, but does it really have to be this tight?

From time spend in the real car at motor show static display, we can state that the fit and finish is really good, within the VW/Audi groups line of experience, and from our virtual on-track time, we found the Aventador is easy to set up, drive forcefully, and we could get close to the 7:00 minute mark at the Nuerburgring track, which is of course not as fast as our 5:27 with the Red Bull X2011, but it is full F1 speed of the mid 70’s prior to ground effects, and that is fast.

Oh.., and if you guys want us to get the real cars on here, spread the word about CDTV and get your friends and family to visit us regularly! Numbers do help!

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