April 13, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

Following up on our previous posting, we now bring you the Ferrari 458 Italia in the same set up as we did the Lamborghini. Since there is no real chance to experience the real car, this is for now the best alternative.

Ever since the late 1975 introduction on the Ferrari 308 GTB I have felt passionately for that 8 cylinder mid-engine 2 seats sport car, and although it went through various guises through the years, most of them were the strongest designs within the Ferrari line up at their time period. So too is this 458 Italia.

In the general design of this Ferrari you can still distinctly find the relationship back to its heritage, basically the first mid-engine Dino of the late 1960’s. Todays version though clearly tries to step into more modern territories, implementing skillful changes in 3D surfaces and combining these with modern jewelry in the front and rear, integration of the latest Formula 1 based aero devises, and a hint of Ferrari Enzo. It is just a well proportioned, elegant yet purposeful total design, coherent and passionate. I might be prejudiced here though.., LOL..

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