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Text by Cor Steenstra, photos by Sebastian Steenstra

This Lexus IS350C in F-Sport guise is as much fun as it looks, and much more. The tuning body parts have been left in-obtrusive, but clearly present, and the tuned drive train, suspension and exhaust do nothing to keep this wold in sheep’s clothing hidden. This car is present, wherever we took it, very present.In the area around us here are some very nice driver roads, and of course we had to make use of this with the Lexus. It has a road holding that allows you to plant the car wherever you set it to. It just really does the job well. If you want to drive it in a way to enjoy the outside world, mother nature, and hear the birds chirp, you can certainly do so. Should your inner race or rally driver get the best of you, this Lexus will play along very nicely. If you want to scare people with intimidating loud exhaust noise while portraying a nervous driving characteristic, just keep it at full revs in first or second gear, and people jump…

So much fun, so much fun..

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