April 13, 2024

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Text and photos by Sebastian Steenstra

Thanks to Peugeot Netherlands, we had a chance to try our hands on the 2011 Peugeot 5008 and found out that, though it resembles a lot of the features found in the 3008, it is significantly bigger and does wonders with the space that is available. The 3rd-row seats (sixth en seventh passengers) are easily accessible without having to be an acrobat or the skinniest person in the world.
Once you’re in the backseat you feel you actually have some space left to put your legs. Of course it’s not ideal to be in the seat for long trips, but it is a real seven-seater. The backseats can be this accessible thanks to the smart way the middle seats fold up when you want to access the back.

The exterior has some nice features that makes this MPV look a bit more dynamic then most MPV’s and we see that the 5008 lost it’s very large front grill and replaced it with a more suitable smaller one. As we go in to the interior we find the panoramic sunroof again, which makes the feel a the car much more spacious and not at all claustrophobic. The 5008 also makes optimal use of it’s interior space by having lots of boxes and cubby holes in which to tuck away mobile phones,  glasses and most other items you and your travel partners carry with them.

The car handles well for an MPV; it gives you good feedback from the road and doesn’t feel like a large MPV but more like a standard sedan when you’re driving it. When parking or maneuvering in some tight spaces it doesn’t feel clumsily large, but gives perfect feedback for good maneuvering, even in tighter spaces.

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