June 19, 2024

Mazda Mazda2… Kermit.. Here we go..!


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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

The Mazda Mazda2 came to us in an in-your-face bright green metallic, which, during the course of our driving experience, caused for several impromptu reactions from onlookers, who were very charmed by the car and its color. We had more reaction to this little green frog than we had with many of our other recent test vehicles. Of course the color makes people look, but what they see after the color is apparently interesting enough for them to strike up a conversation. What more could Mazda want?

Sharing the platform with the now also for US Ford Fiesta, the Mazda2 offers comfortable interior space for 4 on a small platform, without occupants ever getting the feeling that they are squashed like sardines, or left wanting creature comfort. In fact, the fit and finish is unexpectedly good for a car in this segment, and combined with the rev-happy power train and snappy road holding, made for quite an enjoyable experience.

The exterior design is still firmly based on the Mazda – Laurens van den Acker -era of flowing waves design philosophy, and we think Mazda might not do too badly sticking with that for a while to come, since it does make their designs stand out from a very large crowd, and has not lost any of its contemporary feeling to date. Finished off with a good attention to detail in the jewelry design of the car, this one Mazda2 will not look bad in any driveway.

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