May 19, 2024

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By Cor Steenstra

The Chevrolet Traverse represents the current Chevrolet design language, with using established underpinnings with a refreshed front end, tail and main body design. The grille and pronounced head lights are clearly in line with the car section, and the dynamic lines used throughout also reflect the same. The dynamic kick-up of the catwalk toward the rear gives the overall design more direction compared to the conventional SUVs.

This is a very big car, and as such it takes some getting used to in manoeuvrings around town, but with the aid of the built in warning systems and camera, it is an easy process. Inevitably, finding good parking spots is a bit more of a hassle, especially if you also want to enter and exit the car without damaging other vehicles.

The interior in itself is of contemporary design, with better fit and finish than we had becomes used to from Chevrolet in the past. It is nothing exciting, but it works well and ergonomically placed. The choice of color and materials, especially on the pillars and roof have to be questioned though, since the drab light tan starts resembling old coffee stains very soon. Something a bit more refreshing would be very welcome.

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