July 19, 2024

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By Cor Steenstra

The design language of Cadillac has become much better defined off late, and this Cadillac SRX is an excellent example of it. The razor sharp edges remain and are cleverly combined with references to the historic Cadillac winged-fenders of the late 50’s. If you look at the surfacing in close-up detail, it is amazing to see the subtleties used throughout.  Combine that with an excellent stance of the body over the wheels, the well sculpted shape of the wheel arches and the excellent fit and finish, and you have plenty of reason to go out and buy this car.

For an SUV this is a more acceptable size than the Escallade, by far not taking up as much space, not as plump, and much more maneuverable and dynamic. Of course there are quite a few people who claim they need the extra space of the Escallade, but at least with this SRX there is a real decision to be made between good looks and large space.

The interior too gives off an image of quality in design and fit and finish. It carries through the Cadillac design language from the exterior and is full of nice little details that make it both ergonomic and entertaining. Space is more than ample, and seating is sumptuous without being too soft.

The only negative we had about the SRX is the fuel consumption. It is of course a 4WD vehicle, and it certainly is not light, but it would have been nice if this SRX could have been a sign of the NEW GM that we see advertised everywhere, with a fuel consumption that comes along with it. Sadly, and average of just under 15 mpg could not warm out hearts.

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