July 24, 2024

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By Cor Steenstra, Photography: Chris Jones, Models Aleece Martt and Mark Rodriguez, Hair and make up Mike Gallego

We had the pleasure of taking the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe for a spin recently. After our extremely positive experiences with the Hyundai Genesis Sedan, our expectation were naturally set quite high and although we did come away with a positive verdict in general, there are still areas in which we think the Genesis Coupe should definitely improve if Hyundai wants to play in the same league of the big boys in this segment.

Perceived quality is of the utmost importance, and in that respect the Coupe faltered. The doors are the main culprit. Opening the door it immediately becomes obvious from the thin and feeble body section that this is not a very solid and sturdy construction. To boot, in shutting the door, a hollow metallic sound is heard, more associated with an early 1970’s Citroen 2CV than with a coupe of this caliber.

Hyundai has come a long way from where it once was, clearly, but it is exactly these areas where the competitors have years and years of expertise and that they have standardized in every product. The Hyundai culture is clearly not quite yet at that level, but as soon as it is, and that will be soon, it will never make these kind of mistakes again.

The Genesis Coupe has a more polarizing exterior design than its sedan brethren, especially where the “funky” body surfaces and the dripping 3/4 window are concerned, but in all it makes a sporty impression, so much so that California police automatically assume you must have been speeding in this car when you pass by them. Get out your wallets for the tickets that come with it, and don’t buy a red version, since that is equivalent to an open invitation to the CHP.

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