April 13, 2024

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum


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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

The latest version of the Nissan Pathfinder of which we drove the Platinum Edition, has been restyled to reflect Nissan’s latest design language. In line with that the front end shows massive amounts of Chrome in the grille and headlight treatment with an upside down trapezoid main grille element. The fenders on the side are accentuated by the side body treatment which pulls in towards the front and rear allowing of a height increase which creates more shampher area over the fenders.The car is massive. If compared to the original Pathfinders this car has blown out of proportions, but that allowed Nissan to cleverly create new categories below it so as not to loose that market segment. With this size the car is of ideal proportions for the soccer moms who don’t have the money for the Lexus’, Mercedes’, Infinitis’, etc., and who still need to transport 5-7 kids and feel safe surrounded by masses of metal. It does that job excellently, and it does have style that allows it to move among those more expensive brands.

It does not strike me as the kind of car that you will regularly see adventurers take out uncharted wilderness with. It is too much an urban vehicle for that, too sophisticated, to much luxury, to comfortable. It most likely could handle itself well in those terrains if the driver by accident gets there, so that is an advantage since you never know, but the main target audience is not that.

The interior is comfortable, with the usual Nissan quality and finish, i.e. not quite Infiniti, but definitely from the same origins. It offers a very comfortable and spacious driver and front passenger seating, with the right controls at the right places, and a feeling of comfort and luxury in line with the brand image.

There is plenty of space in the second row for 3 and even on the third row 2 can ride in comfort. For 3 it is a bit tight, but since those will be kids, it will work, leaving ample space for the sports gear in the back.

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