May 19, 2024
  • The word kayoibako refers to configurable shipping containers for safely and efficiently transporting parts and products between facilities, sized to eliminate waste and able to meet diverse needs with changeable inserts. Adopting this approach, the KAYOIBAKO is a new compact space concept that represents the future of mobility.
  • Toyota sought to create a “quality base unit” of mobility through a commitment to interior/exterior packaging and affordability. With an “ultra-expandable” design that allows tailoring to suit different roles, this battery electric vehicle (BEV) can support a diverse range of applications.
  • As a BEV with both hardware and software customizable to specific roles, the KAYOIBAKO will function as part of smart grids and other intelligent social systems.
  • For business applications, the KAYOIBAKO will offer solutions to various issues as part of the social infrastructure. In last-mile logistics, for example, the vehicle can contribute to smart distribution systems by allowing customization for efficient low-volume transportation. The KAYOIBAKO can also be customized to meet the needs of local communities, such as by installing product display shelves to create a mobile shop or additional seating to serve as a shuttle bus.
  • For private use, the vehicle can be customized according to individual tastes and preferences, evolving into a one-of-a-kind mobility. As well as catering to diverse personal uses and lifestyles, the KAYOIBAKO will also contribute to providing “Mobility for All” by, for example, enabling designs that offer easier access for wheelchair users.

Main specifications

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)3,990 / 1,790 / 1,855
Interior Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)3,127*2 / 1,485 / 1,437
Wheelbase (mm)
  • E_01
  • E_02
  • E_03
  • E_04
  • E_05
  • E_06
  • E_07
  • E_08
  • E_09
  • E_10
  • E_11
  • E_12
  • E_13
  • E_14
  • E_15
  • E_16
  • E_17
  • E_18
  • E_19
  • I_1
  • I_2
  • I_3
  • I_4
  • I_5
  • I_6
  • I_7_2
  • I_8
  • I_9
  • I_10
  • I_11
  • I_12_2
  • I_13
  • I_14
  • I_15
  • I_16
  • J_01
  • J_02
  • J_03
  • J_04
  • J_05
  • J_06
  • J_07
  • J_08
  • J_09
  • J_10
  • J_11
  • J_12

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