July 13, 2024

Nissan Pathfinder features independent front suspension (with suggestive video)


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By Cor Steenstra, Photography by Chris Jones.

Nissan likes to point out that their Pathfinder has independent front suspension, and since Nissan is so adamant in wanting to point that out, who are we to withhold this information from you?


After gawking at this video for a few times..,  or more…, I am sure you are dying to know how we experienced this independent suspension ourselves, and if it is as good as Nissan is suggesting in its ad. Well.., our answer to this is very simple: We have no clue. We have searched the vehicle inside out, but have not come across the type of suspension featured in the ad anywhere on, on or under the car. We did find some pretty straightforward looking suspension arms, uprights, springs and the like, but the ad suggested we would find some sort of air or hydraulic like suspension units, on both sides, and we just could not detect these.. sadly..

In doing our extensive research on this car we came to find that it does have a very good built quality, fit and finish are as we have come to expect from Nissan, and the interior design looks rugged yet modern. It shows off well in comparison to some of its competitors in that is does use all the space well, and does for instance feature a double glove box under the passenger side airbag. Overall though, we felt that the color&trim on this car was a bit somber, a bit dark. Leaving everything else identical, we can imagine a higher perceived image if the header and roof material was changed to a lighter, brighter color already. The seat cloth could do with a modern, more Renault-like take on 4×4 as well.

The exterior is in-your-face rugged, which is a sharp contrast to other Nissan SUV’s like the Murano. Nissan very cleverly managed to separate the rugged and the stylish groups of clients has offerings covering both to the T. It would have been interesting though to see the same level of sophistication that went into the design of the Murano exterior and interior see displayed on a rugged exterior and interior like this. I would think it would open up new horizons in the category.

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