July 19, 2024

2011 Toyota Sienna “Swagger Wagon”


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By Cor Steenstra, Photography Chris Jones, Model Kaylin Omo, Hair & Make Up Michael D Gallego, House by Ross Design

The 2011 Toyota Sienna is a big car. It seems to use all available width but does so in less of a box design as recent new minivan designs. This is enhanced by the current Toyota surfacing design language, which places sculpture throughout the vehicle, making the appearance of the car look much less bulky than it really is.

The minivan category has long since been negatively associated with soccer moms, and Toyota is doing its best to try and redirect this by introducing the Swagger Wagon theme for this 2011 Sienna:


Whether this succeeds, is “totally rad”, is still up in the cards. Fact is that this Sienna is very much a complete, high quality, multi-functional vehicle that could just as easily be marketed towards business use or versatile traveling as it is currently marketed towards the new age moms.

The fit and finish and the ride quality are excellent, the perceived impression of both exterior and interior is vastly superior to its competitors, with the options to turn it from a 4-seater to an 8 seater with the fold-away rear bench and the stowed middle-middle seat. Admittedly, it did not have stow-and-go seating in the middle seat, but instead you could sit in comfort on the middle row of seats. It did not have a center-pole table nor did it have satelite TV reception, but it did have an extra wide DVD screen with the option to either watch really cinema like true wide screen videos, or display 2 separate video input sources.

It clearly is not catered to any segment too specifically, but we see it as an ideal base to start personalizing the vehicle to your own specific needs and wants. It would be an accesorie markets dream vehicle for this.

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