April 15, 2024

In driving the Nissan EV in Europe I had thought that the range would be far less of an issue as it generally tends to be while driving in California. The distances there are so much greater and therefore the need for range so much bigger. I must say now that in retrospect even in Europe the limited range of this Nissan Leaf is a big issue, even in Europe.

Driving from the Northern part of the Netherlands to the center part, a 90 minute drive at max, I was under the impression that it might be enough to actually make it back up again. From the range on the IP it certainly should’ve been possible. I even hooked it up for 2 hours to charge while I was on my visit, but already 20 minutes into my return drive it was clear I would never make it back so I took the safer option and went to charge at a fast charging station on the side of a fuel station. That was a 20 minute delay, but better safe than sorry.

Aside from this limited range, the Nissan Leaf performed really well though. It was spacious on the inside, had excellent road holding, was easy to get in and out of and was really modern looking on the inside as well. A love having nearly no noise on the inside as well, the lack of engine noise is perfect. You really only hear the tires on the road. That is luxury to me.

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  • 20200409_094623
  • 20200409_094633
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  • 20200409_094659
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