May 19, 2024

I have to say that driving the Tesla Model 3 is so substantially different than any other car I have ever driven, and the controls to operate the car are also very different, that it does seem the exterior design doesn’t really do it justice. Of course the average journalist will dismiss this as an oddity and pretend nothing really is different, but I do feel strongly that enough of it is so fundamentally different that it warrants an exterior to fit.

With the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 you do get much more of an advanced exterior design, even though the basic controls and functionality are basically normal, standard. Since most Tesla’s, instead of a clear design language, seem more like proportionally scaled versions of the same design, to give the next generation Model 3 a truly out of this world design would do it justice, more so than yet another Aston Martin derivative scaled version like we have now.

I am sure most are familiar with the Model 3 by now, but for those that are not, it starts by unlocking the car, either by badge or your app. No keys are given, at all. Once you sit down you want to adjust the seat, steering wheel, mirrors etc, but you find that you cannot. Instead you have to look through the manual on the big center screen to find how you can achieve all these exciting goals. It is not very logical, not very intuitive at all, but one might assume that most Tesla’s will only be driven by their owners and spouse or partner, so for each all settings can be saved and retrieved, if you know how.

This also provides an extra layer of security against theft of course, since no burglar sized male will ever be able to quickly dive into a women’s Tesla and think he can make a quick getaway. And Tesla can and will track the vehicle of course, so he can and will be stopped once they are aware of situation, and can even take control of the car while driving. Truly advanced stuff here.

Of course in my slight sarcasm you can read that I am not totally convinced that Tesla has it right. I do see some major issues with placing of even primary controls let alone secondary and tertiary functions, but they certainly tried and based on this, I am sure the next iteration will be better thought out and executed, and if that does, it will be such an awesome cleaver way of vehicle control, it does warrant a matching design. It will have to be timeless, but there are many forms of timeless designs that can still look futuristic and be functional. Give the designers some space and you will get results!

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