April 22, 2024

After all the trouble with the Peugeot’s rental cars in Europe I was so done that I begged Budget to let me have another brand of car. I had to drive to another location in the Netherlands, Apeldoorn, a charming town where one of the Dutch princesses has a huge estate, so it wasn’t a hardship to have to drive there despite the Covid Pandemic.

The car I picked up there was this Kia Stonic, and man, it was everything I was looking for. The ease of entry was finally normal. No acrobatics needed to get in and out And then when I sat behind the steering wheel, I found a very nice, logical, clean and modern design IP with easy to find and operate controls at predicable places. Nothing where I needed to stop the car first, work through any manual or find online YouTube videos desperately searching how to operate basic functions, like I had to do on the Citroen and Peugeots. Maybe I am just not French enough?

  • 20200509_162452
  • 20200509_162502
  • 20200509_162508
  • 20200509_162516
  • 20200509_162524
  • 20200509_162532
  • 20200509_162540
  • 20200509_162549
  • 20200509_162555
  • 20200509_162602
  • 20200509_162609
  • 20200509_162621
  • 20200509_162627
  • 20200509_162638
  • 20200509_162649

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