July 15, 2024

I had three opportunities to drive the Kia EV 6 recently, different versions for different countries as well, and different colors. This first one, the Metallic Blue GT Line I drove in the Netherlands. I picked it up when it was raining and had things to do, places to go to, so I did not have much time to work through a giant operational manual that seems to be associated with electric vehicles these days. Thankfully the KIA EV 6 GT Line is not one of those vehicles. I was able to put plenty of luggage in quickly and drive off, switching on the demister, the AC and all other things I needed to safely and quickly get on my way.

Having driven the KIA EV 6 GT Line I now much better understand the two videos above and below this text. I must admit that the design philosophy does make sense and is clearly visible, and I have indeed experienced the interior in a more integral way than just a big screen in the center console, like some think is best.

The interior of the EV 6 GT Line is very well detailed and invites to really look around and discover the clever touches and choices throughout. I found the head up display to be really useful and clearly missed it in my other 2 KIA EV 6 experiences. You don’t know what you’ve got till it is gone.

  • IMG_1959
  • IMG_1950
  • IMG_1951
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  • IMG_1953
  • IMG_1954
  • IMG_1955
  • IMG_1956
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