April 13, 2024

The second KIA EV 6 was painted in a gorgeous Forest Green metallic. It was base version in Europe which meant that it didn’t have the HUD nor the fancy trimming equipment of the GT Line version, but it did in every other aspect fulfill as a solid, easy to use EV.
The KIA EV 6 exterior design is very dynamic looking. I love the general proportions, which are much bigger in real life than they seem in the photographs. The wheelbase of 2,900 mm gives it a solid base over which quite a curvaceous body is draped.

The front end to me seems to be the weakest part of the EV 6. Kia has developed a very clear identity over the past 15 years, with a very recognizable down road graphic. In particular the Kia Stinger has always stood out for me. With an EV you don’t need the grille opening of course, but there are other ways to retain the front identity. It did not need to be thrown to the side like it seems to have been here. The headlights seems to be a bit chaotic, not very clear and clean in what they are trying to convey. Lots of jewelry ideas, but all scooped together in one. This is in sharp contrast to the graphic treatment in the lower bumper area, which clearly tries to set a mark.

The lower sill line sweeping up and over to form the rear taillight/spoiler unit stands out as a very dynamic element. It is a bold statement, clearly signifying the designers knew what they were doing. It also aids to create the treatment for the charger door, very well integrated as a decorative item in the right rear.

Also of not in the rear is the rear spoiler, which extends over the width of the roof surface and hides flood lights that help the rear passengers at night. This clearly adds to the sporty look of the EV 6 and performs a function.

The side mirrors also caught my eye. They have an unusual shape where an extended triangle integrates the warning light when there are vehicles in your blind spot. Since the mirror surface is so much wider than the mirror glass I assume it has aerodynamic reasons for this shape.

I have seen remarks from people wondering why the side glass is so much offset from the metal body parts. In comparison to the Tesla models the glass is not as flush, but the offset seems to be a consistent dimension rather than the 8 mm at the top to 23 mm at the bottom from some other manufacturers, and the KIA EV 6 has full frame doors, rather than the weaker pillarless version on the Tesla. Important to me too was that the moldings in the window surround were properly attached, and didn’t just drop off like the problem Tesla’s seem to deal with too many times.

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