June 19, 2024

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An upscale repurposing of the technology seen in Nissan’s Leaf, the Infiniti luxury electric concept is a larger 4 door similar in length to the G series sedan, but with a more cab forward proportion.  Infiniti’s recent design language is quite evident, with the hourglass grille and crescent c-pillar treatment we have seen on other recent vehicles, both concept and production.  Up front the lower fascia is without holes, but suggests typical automotive grille work through the use of contour and shadow.

The upper grille has been transformed into a large light display, a very unique usage of the space, but a little flashy in its execution (pardon the pun).  The body side is a sculptured affair with an undulating shoulder line and a large undercut slash in the lower quarter.  The character of these feature lines seem to be in opposition, the upper lends a flowing luxurious feel while the lower has a harsher forward drive.

A mesmerizing display of flowing blue LEDs trims the lower panels of the car, a nod to the new inductive charging system the concept can use for power delivery.  According to Nissan, a vehicle based on the LE is heading to production within the next two years, and will remain “near-similar” to the concept.

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