June 15, 2024

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Text Cor Steenstra, photos Sebastian Steenstra

The Buick Verano is the latest offering from Buick, targeting the compact segment of the VW GolF and Ford a Focus. The same car will, with minor brand identity changes be sold in Europe as the new Opel Astra.

i was very pleasantly surprised by the Buick Verano. Of course Buick here is aiming for a more conventional audience, which of course meant beige and warm tones on the interior with the inevitable wood trim, but it wasn’t badly done, not tacky at all.  If I wasn’t as pre-opinionated as I admittedly am, it could have been something I would feel at home in.

The exterior design of the car is modern, with a clear cab forward look. In it being rather high, the perception is that the car is smaller than it actually is. I am pretty big, but could find a comfortable seating position with great ease, and despite that there was plenty of space behind me for my daughter to sit when we had a full car.

as said, the impression is good and modern, both on the exterior and the interior, and I must admit that GM is clearly working on its fit and finish. In this Buick I could not find default with anything. that is very good. In all, I enjoyed my time with this Buick Verano very much. I would love to see a faster, maybe turbo aspirated version of it, and am pretty sure we’ll see some race version appear as well.

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