June 19, 2024

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Text by Cor Steenstra, photos by Sebastian Steenstra

When I first drove the Nissan Juke in early 2011, I was stopped by police for speeding. Not my fault of course, since the car easily attracts any attention from anyone, especially police, and therefore you are guilty here. It did not help that it was my first drive in the Juke, and I had no sense at all of the actual speed I was doing, both because the gauges are so incredibly deep set into the IP, which, with opposing sun makes it very difficult to read, but also because the interior is quiet and comfortable, and does not translate the sense of speed much at all, which is a good thing.

The Juke obviously is a very controversial car, with very outspoken opinions on the exterior design. I was struck by the fact that most middle aged and older people were not very charmed by it, but most youths instead were very much so. I have to clearly conclude that this car was designed for an young audience, and as such does its job very well. Within the Nissan range there are clearly cars aimed at the more sedate buyers, and this one obviously does not bite in to that segment at all, so Nissan was very capable to cater for such diverse users as they are.

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