May 25, 2024

For the VW Instagram #volkswagendesign2050 competition I wanted to see how quickly I could go from initial sketch ideas to presentation in VR and with renderings/animations. With this it could prove it to be a viable option to show quick models at an early stage, ideas that might not have been developed properly, but where the essence is still raw. In most traditional design flows a lot of ideas are filtered out early on, where there might be some that are worthwhile to see in a more realistic form.

In this case I doodled both on paper with pencil and pen as well as in #AliasSketchbook. I limited myself to an hour and did not venture out into rendering at all. Subsequently I developed the first rough model within the current VW ID3 dimensions. After looking at the model in Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift I started making changes to adjust the highlights. Subsequently the main graphics of the greenhouse and cut lines were tried.

After a night sleep I went in a decided to start a new model to help me resolve the base shape of the front end. I could keep the greenhouse graphics but was able to create a more inspiring front end, This gave me a better balanced result and I finished that model with all the cut lines.

With the very tight deadline to the delivery date I went into Autodesk VRED with my studio environments to create the various images and VR animations to bring the message across. The total time for this was 5 business days from first sketch to uploading the images to Instagram. I realize it is not a finished design of course, but it gives a good basis to talk about, to look at and to develop new ideas from.

  • VW_ID_2050 Signal Hill 01
  • VW ID3 Colors OutsideNo Raytrace
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 04
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 05
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 06
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 03
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 02
  • VW_ID_2050 ChapmansDrive 01
  • VW_ID_2050 PotsdamDay03
  • VW_ID_2050 PotsdamDay02
  • VW_ID_2050 PotsdamDay01
  • VW_ID_2050 Signal Hill 02
  • VW_ID_2050 Signal Hill 01
  • VW_ID_2050 Abandoned Factiory 03
  • VW_ID_2050 Abandoned Factiory 02
  • VW_ID_2050 Abandoned Factiory 01
  • VW_ID_2050 PaulHoff03
  • VW_ID_2050 PaulHoff02
  • VW_ID_2050 PaulHoff01
  • VW_ID_2050 Potsdam01
  • VW_ID_2050-00005
  • VW_ID_2050-00004
  • VW_ID_2050-00003
  • VW_ID_2050-00002
  • VW_ID_2050-00001
  • 200229 Image016 a
  • 200229 Image016 b
  • 200229 Image016 c
  • 200229 Image016 d
  • 200229 Image016 e

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