July 24, 2024

Czinger Vehicles Unveils New 21C V MAX at The Quail Lodge


Czinger Vehicles has revealed for the first time two path-breaking never-before-seen additions to their venerable line-up at The Quail during Monterey Car Week: the 21C V Max and Hyper GT.

The 21C V Max is the 2nd body style of Czinger’s first production car, the 21C, the world’s first
human-AI designed and 3D printed hypercar. Engineered for the ultimate combined acceleration
and top speed, it’s the V Max’s extended and aerodynamic-driven tail profile that sets it apart from
its high downforce counterpart.

Unveiled in a new exterior color that Czinger is calling “Red My Mind,” the V Max is also equipped with in-line seating inspired by the SR-71 fighter jet. The design team has removed high downforce fixed aero devices in favor of a slippery smooth body design that enables incredible acceleration, top speed, and timeless elegance.

Optimized for high speed, the graceful bodywork of the V Max has been sculpted to produce the
lowest coefficient of drag possible. The 21C V Max is leading the industry in classic hypercar
metrics such as 0 to 60mph, 0 to 250mph to 0 and the ¼ mile. The in-house designed, strong
hybrid powertrain features a 2.88 liter, twin turbo V8 delivering a lightning-fast combined output
of 932kW (1250hp). The focus of the V Max is on low drag, but with optimized levels of
downforce, to ensure maximum stability at speed.

Inside, the V Max features carbon fiber overlaid with a fully trimmed interior and sculpted,
covered inner door panels and rear seat area. A storage compartment holds a bespoke luggage
set, providing endless customization options for owners to match their taste.

  • TES00-9-9
  • TES00-4
  • TES00-9-1
  • TES00-9-6
  • TES00-9-9
  • TES00-9-111-fr
  • TES00-9-111-rr
  • TES00-9-111-side
  • TES00-9-1113
  • Czinger--3
  • Czinger-6385
  • Czinger-6398
  • Czinger-6534

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