July 24, 2024

Car Design Classes in Mission Viejo for kids aged 9-12 and 13-17


Design School leaflet ColorIn 2000 the school started out as the Foresee Online Car Design School, which also cooperated with DaMert on The Professional Car Design Kit. After pioneering the implementation of 2D and 3D computer technologies within the car design process, Foresee also provided professional in-house training on Alias 3D surfacing software to our global OEM clients in Europe and Japan.

Foresee now offers interactive design training through their iBook selections for iPad and Mac, aimed at a variety of age groups and experience levels. Added to that is professional hands-on training at their Mission Viejo, CA, location or at a clients’ site, plus after school programs for the young talents.

The Junior Designer courses target young people from 5th Grade up until High School level, and aim to give them insight into the profession of a real car designer. The courses bring out and hone the talents of the students, and prepares them for enrollment in BA and MA courses in Transportation Design, where they will have a clear advantage over other students.
The courses are spread out over 9 classes of 2 hours each, either on Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons. They are taught by car designers currently working in the automotive industry, who can provide an excellent insight into the profession, and bring out the best in the students.

The next courses are scheduled to start on October 12, 2013. Morning classes from 10 to Noon and afternoon classes from 2-4 are available. We limit class sizes, so that each student can get enough attention. We have a course for 9-12 year old students, and a course for 13-16 year olds.

At the end of each semester, students can opt to enroll in the next level course, and each semester the level of quality and creativity will be raised, ultimately allowing the student to create a compelling portfolio of work for enrollment into a BA or MA college.

The 9 lesson course finishes with a competition among the students of each level, to determine who is the best student of that semester. A unique prize will await the winner.

Courses are $400 per student for the 9 lessons, which includes course documentation, but does not include materials. A list of required materials will be provided at the start of the course. Students will be asked to bring their favorite ball point pen and pencil to the class.

For more information and reservations email school@4c-foresee.com.


12 thoughts on “Car Design Classes in Mission Viejo for kids aged 9-12 and 13-17

  1. Hi, want to know about the course
    For my son . He is 12 year old and in 5th grade. He love to know about car designing and manufacturing.
    What is your criteria, timing and fee structure.

  2. Please notify me when the courses resume – My Friend’s son would be totally excited to take these classes and I would happily sponsor his tuition.

  3. Dear sir,
    My son interested in car design and he spend much time in a day to design his car. How can I help him to develop his talent. How can I send you his design.

  4. Do you still provide courses for children? My child is totally into cars drawing and designing. He’s 9 years

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