April 13, 2024

2025 Corvette Stingray Exterior Design Development in VR


Eric Stoddard is using this series of YouTube videos to explain his process of building the package and then the exterior design of his winning 2025 Chevrolet Corvette Design proposal.

  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-12
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-13
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-14
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-15
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-16
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-17
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-18
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-120
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-130
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-131
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-140
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-160
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-161
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-170
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-171
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-172
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-180
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-181
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-182
  • Eric_IoniqR_V7_2021-03-02-21-02-16

1 thought on “2025 Corvette Stingray Exterior Design Development in VR

  1. I have the latest and best design tool in my studio it’s called a 2H pencil. I had Ted Younkin and Jack Linwood as teachers and taught at Art Center for 30 years, why don’t people know how to draw. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE teach these kids perspective so when they take a shit they will be thinking one point or two.

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