May 19, 2024

We announced the winner of our Facebook 2025 Corvette Stingray Design Competition in early January. That winner, Eric Stoddard from Chrysler, Hyundai/KIA and Ford fame, didn’t stop with the sketch work he submitted. He decided to take it a lot farther and developed his winning design into a virtual reality model using Gravity Sketch.

Of course all this should not be left unnoticed, so we want to let you all glance into the vision of the 2025 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by Eric Stoddard! In this episode we will show you the 2D sketches and some videos of Eric creating those sketches using traditional materials. IN the next episode we will show you Eric developing the exterior of the 2025 Corvette Stingray in Virtual Reality using Gravity Sketch, and in the final episode we will show his development of the interior using Gravity Sketch in VR as well.

I hope you appreciate Eric’s efforts as much as we all do! Thank you Eric.

  • 136673902_171307741082742_1687262137380179751_n
  • 135782587_1082067435599423_6374095715382130476_n
  • 135745353_411513160084998_7778012070459696345_n
  • 135773187_436274567514658_2260140790889555554_n
  • 135311636_2800227443584997_3457067315450479262_n
  • 135015640_419529419489387_4756165281847531007_n
  • 136055824_1016461835514284_8113685605273891501_n
  • 135637482_623995215017575_8570777455552831172_n
  • 136457439_427419161717748_1298855144680612068_n
  • 135891417_391165621980211_1873291208394529262_n

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