July 24, 2024

I had been looking forward to driving the latest Toyota Camry. I’ve seen it in various guises, especially with the blacked-out c-pillar it looks the part, and was wondering how it would compare to the fierce competition in this category. In all fairness, it did do well. Clearly not the top of the class, but certainly not as bad as some either. Except for the connectivity! What the heck is Toyota thinking here?

It is very common, very simple and lierally done everywhere, that ANY car can easily connect to your cell phone and you can have Android or Apple to get you your maps and directions and even voice controlled calling and texting. For some inexplicable reason Toyota does not allow that. No! For Toyota you HAVE to download one of their own specific apps which will then allow you to connect to another app, after you’ve downloaded that of course, and then you might be able to put in your destination, because you will NOT EVER see a map without putting in a destination! Why would people of course want maps if they do not know where they’re driving to?

Well, some people do go for drives, just for fun and relaxation, but probably not many when they have a Toyota, and certainly nobody within Toyota themselves, otherwise they would not have done this stupid thing, would they?

To make things worse, once you have gone through the double download and install and setup to get to your destination, you better not turn your car off.., at all.., ever..!! Why not? Because as soon as you do, when you restart your Toyota, even after a very brief off, you will HAVE TO DO ALL THAT DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING ALL OVER AGAIN< AND AGAIN< AND AGAIN!!!!!

It was enough aggravation for me to return this Toyota sooner than expected. This was NOT sustainable. This is NOT how I expect any customer wants to be treated by any car company. How stupid does Toyota think their customers are? How stupid are they if they accept this? They are paying good money for these cars. They’re not cheap, but with this, they are worthless!

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