June 19, 2024

2018 Volvo S90 T8 Inscription Twin Engine Plugin Hybrid


I never claim to be objective. I do tell the truth the way I see it. So here it is: I LOVE THIS VOLVO!! I honestly never thought I would ever say that about a Volvo. I used to work for Volvo and back in those days we had to design things on the cars so that people in Sweden, with big thick gloves on in the Swedish winter could still easily operate the cars. How times have changed! This is a full on luxury car that can challenge Mercedes-BMW, Lexus, Audi, etc. It clearly is a very good car.

At $81,700 it clearly is not cheap, but it is by far not as expensive as some of the cars I would compare it with, and it comes out on top over those. The overall design impression is of very high standard. It associates immediately with an Audi A8 in overall proportions and side view. I would think the rear end could be tied in a bit better, not as much stuck on from my personal taste, but I see the logic why things are where they are and the proportions they have.

The body section is left very clean but very strong, with a beautiful, almost Jaguar like sculpture, timeless and sexy. The front lights are eye catching day and night. As the indicators during day time and as running lights during the darker hours, it is always really clear there is a Volvo approaching.., fast. The way the grille is tied in flush is a vast change from my old days too, but it does work well here, still very pronounces but impressively flush. Nothing fake there.

The interior was sumptuous, with very nice choice in color and materials, and for me, the best feature ws the built in massage options in both front seats. I drove the car to and from Sacramento, and I had it on nearly full time, and was suitably fit after that long drive. It is very addictive, I have to say. The Crystal gear knob and the superb sound system we already experienced in the V90 little over ayear ago, but it was something I was looking forward to, I have to say. Putting that sound system on the Gothenburg Concert Hall was just awesome. I was never at a Beatles concert, but this made me feel like I had been.. It works, those kind of things. They really work very well.

On top of that, with it’s $81,700 the Volvo was a plugin Hybrid and I used it as such quite a lot, so the average fuel consumption was deliciously low, especially considering the size and luxury of the car I was driving. Especially on the long drives I managed to get just under the 40 mpg, which impressed me a lot. The charging cable in the trunk actually comes in a luxury doctor’s bag, which enhanced that feeling of luxury.

All in all, I would want to have this Volvo S90. I really do. I don’t say that often, not often at all in fact, but I really do.

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  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_025
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_026
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_027
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_028
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_029
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_030
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_031
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_032
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_033
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_034
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_035
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_036
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_037
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_038
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_039
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_040
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_041
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_042
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_043
  • 2018_Volvo_S90_T8_Inscription_044
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