June 19, 2024

2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_048Text, Photos and 360 Video by Cor Steenstra

This is the last edition of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the GSR version. To honor it’s long history and the special place it has earned among its fan base, we have not only done our usual photo shoot, but we have also put in our new 360 video tools to present you with a full immersive Evo experience.

The 360 technology is new to me, so I am still trying to find the best way to adapt it to Car Design TV, but at least here you can see a 360 degree video walk around, an interior shoot as well as 2 extended drives with the Evo GSR through California, along PCH on a bright sunny morning as well as at sunset.

Of course the Galant has seen its better days. It is the last remaining remnant of what once was Mitsubishi’s succeful effort to compete in the World Rally Championship against Subaru, and it did it very well.Unlike Subaru it never had the unique paint colors associated with a name brand sponsor follow through to its production versions, but that might be something worth considering for a future effort in this.

I am saying that in the hope that Mitsubishi will follow up on this and will put in another good show at one of the major sports championships like the current WRC, and will produce a derivative car for the public. Mitsubishi needs an effort like that to let the world know it is back. It still seems to be out in recovery mode from some really bad years, and the current products still reflect that. I have been a Mitsubishi fan for years, and I really would like to see them flourish once again. To me the best tool to sell that would be a very new, innovative and successful successor to this Lancer Evolution GSR.



  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_049
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_050
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_001
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_002
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_003
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_004
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_005
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_006
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_007
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_008
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_009
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_010
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_011
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_012
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_013
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_014
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_015
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_016
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_017
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_018
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_019
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_020
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_021
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_022
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_023
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_024
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_025
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_026
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_027
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_028
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_029
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_030
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_031
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_032
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_033
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_034
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_035
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_036
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_037
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_038
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_039
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_040
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_041
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_042
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_043
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_044
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_045
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_046
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_047
  • 2016_Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evolution_048

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