May 19, 2024


Text, Design and VRED rendering by Cor Steenstra, Digital model by Kevin Gilles.

Back in the early 1990’s when Alias-Wavefront was first making a pitch to the automotive design studios, one of their big talking points was how creating digital 3D models would optimize the design process dramatically, since the data could both be used to mill out models as well as be exchanged to the engineering departments for integration with their data.

Well, integration with engineering has fully happened. We had some hiccups with file formats and how surface data was created to be workable for engineers, but all of that got mutually resolved. The process mutated into separate areas for initial 3D surface design development and an area for Class-A single span clean data ready for engineering, all done within Autodesk Alias of course. A true optimization of the design process.

This article is published in full on Automotive Drift. Read the full article here.


  • NLV_001-00001
  • NLV_003-00009
  • NLV_001-00002
  • NLV_001-00003
  • NLV_001-00004
  • NLV_001-00005
  • NLV_001-00006
  • NLV_003-00001
  • NLV_003-00002
  • NLV_003-00003
  • NLV_003-00004
  • NLV_003-00006
  • NLV_003-00007
  • NLV_003-00008

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