July 19, 2024

[singlepic id=17347 w=640 h=480 float=center] [singlepic id=17351 w=480 h=640 float=center] Text and photos by Cor Steenstra The Nissan Versa Note is a nice, compact and nimble run-0about vehicle. With my 6’4″ I still found easy and comfortable space to operate the car in comfort and with confidence. With the available horsepower to weight ratio, combined with the suspension it made for a fun drive across mountain roads, easily getting a nice rhythm through the tighter corners, and clear indications of where the limits of grip were.Combine that with an attractive, modern and not forced styling of the exterior, it makes for an attractive package. The exterior design shows the modern Nissan Design language but not is such a forced way as maybe the current Altima and Maxima seem to be stretching themselves. For some reason Nissan Design have managed a very well balanced total which would normally be easier to do on a bigger rather than a smaller package. The interior was modern, logical, with nice materials used throughout. It clearly is not a top of the line vehicle, so no surprises there, but for the category, the materials were well chosen and the fit and finish were simply good. With the limited interior dimensions I always look for the seating comfort as a driver, but also how much the dimension limitations have negatively influenced the ease of operation, which, to me, is a vital safety concern. I was glad to find that I did not get any feeling of compromise. I was comfortable and in control at all times. Of course I wish for much more power, but that would only be to dance more at the limits of the suspension, since it is such a control inspiring vehicle. You know where the limits are and it is easy to play with at that area. It does not bite you unexpectedly, and that is what makes for fun motoring on a curvy mountain road, and in town traffic alike.

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