July 13, 2024

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The top of the line Hyundai Equus and Azera are really good cars, with distinctive styling, excellent quality and performance. They’re just… still ‘only’ a Hyundai.. Well, for people who were pondering this question, how to own something this good looking and with this status, but reluctant to buy foreign, Korean, or Hyundai, Chevrolet has the answer for you: The 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

GM hired some key designers from Hyundai’s American studio, and they sure made their influence count. This Impala does away with any previous impression I had of the Impala. It us a solid, good car, with attractive styling outside and in, and serves up quality and performance in no small order.

The interior is also quite modern, and oozes perceived quality. Of course it has a lot of carry-over parts from other GM cars, but their parts bin is quite nice these days, so that is not an issue. The one minor thing we might want to point out is that the when the central display screen opens, the form that actually opens is not as logical and natural as the same system on the Cadillac versions. It just looks a bit odd, and the continued stitching does nothing to improve this.

That though is a very minor point in an overall very agreeable car, a good offering from Chevrolet for this segment, and a worthwhile addition to the product line up.

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