July 13, 2024

[singlepic id=844 w=320 h=240 float=right]By Cor Steenstra, Photography Christopher Jones, Model Radeyah

When the first Infiniti FX was introduced as a concept it stunned me. It was so different, so unique, and yet devoid of any “Lexus-like” styling gimmicks, so clean and original, that it became truly a car to take not of as a designer. It’s design influenced a lot of other vehicles, but not within theInfiniti brand surprisingly, because it could have easily been a very good base for the brand identity of Infiniti. So I was left wondering what would be next for the FX series.

The new FX35 we evaluated dorned a different, more rectangular grille and a double headlight unit with a twin version of the drooping balls we have seen of late in VW, Chrysler, Hyundai and a flurry of other cars. Those 2 items are immediately the weakest things on this FX. I was thoroughly impressed with the sculpture all round, sometimes in bold ways and sometimes very subtly so. Most impressive to me were the front fenders. From the outside they look smoothly integrated into the whole body shape, and from the drivers’ seat they are just tempting power bulges that I would associate with the Jaguar E-Type. Brilliant.

The side view got the addition of a dynamic character line from the front fender to the rear catwalk, which allows for the fenders to be sculptured softer than before, but the main impression remains the same, which is also a good thing. The rear is as round as before as well, cutting off some interior space but enhancing the image to such an extend that it is nothing missed much. The taillights only received one drooping ball effect surprisingly enough, which makes that more anonymous than before, but the rest of the unit did retain the character from the previous generation.

Both on the side and the rear again the sculpture was executed very impressively, with integrated rear spoiler on top and at the end of the tailgate (does the latter one actually perform any aerodynamic function since it is in the turbulent wake already?).

The interior is sumptuous, harmonious and well balanced. Easy to use controls with an overall upper segment feel in color and materials, and very well executed colors when used at night all aid to put this Infiniti squarely in the competitive regions of high priced European brands.

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