April 13, 2024

By Cor Steenstra, Photography Christopher Jones, Model Krisondra, Hair Stylist Aisha Pitt

Talk about a head turner..!! In the bright orange paintwork and combined with the throaty V8 Hemi RT exhaust sounds, this Challenger RT turned heads where ever we went. The sad thing was that we almost could not turn a corner or yet another police car was trailing us fully expecting us to make a slight mistake in how far we pressed the throttle pedal… We did not..!!

The nice thing, and most surprising to us as well was how well the Challenger stood up against the new Chevy Camaro at the weekly Cars & Coffee meet in Irvine on Saturday morning. The reason for this we think lies in the limited tapering of the rear on the Challenger, where the Camaro seems top taper so much that it becomes uncomfortable. Add to that the ridiculously high window sill on the Camaro, forcing people to look very strained and uncomfortable in their attempt to look cool, and the Challenger actually seems to win the battle.

Recent sales number have seen the Camaro outperforming the Challenger, but that is mainly due to it being just out on the market, so delivery of outstanding orders are included, and the hype with the Transformers movie. Of course the recent bankruptcy worries with the Government voicing a clearer support for the futile GM properties than any of the Chrysler ones, also plays a role in it.

  • 2009_ChallengerRT025
  • 2009_ChallengerRT026
  • 2009_ChallengerRT027
  • 2009_ChallengerRT028
  • 2009_ChallengerRT029
  • 2009_ChallengerRT030
  • 2009_ChallengerRT001
  • 2009_ChallengerRT002
  • 2009_ChallengerRT003
  • 2009_ChallengerRT004
  • 2009_ChallengerRT005
  • 2009_ChallengerRT006
  • 2009_ChallengerRT007
  • 2009_ChallengerRT008
  • 2009_ChallengerRT009
  • 2009_ChallengerRT010
  • 2009_ChallengerRT011
  • 2009_ChallengerRT012
  • 2009_ChallengerRT013
  • 2009_ChallengerRT014
  • 2009_ChallengerRT015
  • 2009_ChallengerRT016
  • 2009_ChallengerRT017
  • 2009_ChallengerRT018
  • 2009_ChallengerRT019
  • 2009_ChallengerRT020
  • 2009_ChallengerRT021
  • 2009_ChallengerRT022
  • 2009_ChallengerRT023
  • 2009_ChallengerRT024

2 thoughts on “2009 Dodge Challenger RT

  1. Hello my name is Aisha Pitt and I was the hairstylist that did Krisondra’s hair in these photos. I wanted to give you name to add to this piece. Thanks for your time.

    This shoot was amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Aisha Pitt
    (760) 271-3867

  2. Wow, Krisondra’s style in this photoshoot really matches the way I wanted to present myself when I was a teen… I’d imagine myself having this kind of image when I turned into an adult, though it unfortunately never happened, haha.

    Awesome shoot! 😀
    She’s beautiful, the car is awesome and it brings up some happy feelings and memories for me.

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