July 24, 2024

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Tiguan in Frankfurt



The International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt will be the stage for the presentation of the new Tiguan. After selling over 2.64 million units of the first generation, Volkswagen is revealing the latest generation of the SUV at today’s Group Night and at the IAA that begins tomorrow.
Volkswagen is showing four versions* of the new Tiguan at the IAA (open to the public: 17 to 27 September). The production versions being presented are the exceptionally sporty Tiguan R-Line, the classic on-road model and an off-road version tuned specifically for off-road use. Meanwhile, the Tiguan GTE – a concept vehicle with a plug-in hybrid drive (160 kW / 218 PS of system power) – offers an outlook on the future development of the best-selling SUV.

The second generation of the best-seller is the first Volkswagen Group SUV to be based on the path-breaking MQB (modular transverse matrix) platform. It improves all of the properties of the Tiguan. The body proportions of the latest Volkswagen SUV are perceptibly sporty, and the design shows charisma from all perspectives. Its weight was also reduced by over 50 kg compared to the previous model. Meanwhile, the amount of space offered in the interior and luggage compartment has taken a gigantic leap forward. The boot volume of the new Tiguan can take on up to 615 litres of cargo (loaded to the back of the rear bench); when the rear seat backrests are folded, its capacity increases to 1,655 litres. This represents a gain of 145 litres.

The engines are also characterised by gains in efficiency. A broad range of eight engines is available; they have power outputs ranging between 85 kW / 115 PS and 176 kW / 240 PS. The drives were made more powerful, yet they are up to 24 per cent more fuel-efficient than those of the previous model. The new 4MOTION Active Control also lets drivers adjust the all-wheel drive system more individually and easier to all possible driving conditions. Thanks to its impressive drive concept, the Tiguan has been engineered for trailer loads of up to 2,500 kg, perfect for installation of an aluminum trailer storage box.  The assistance systems perfect the vehicle’s convenience, dynamism and safety (including Front Assist with City Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Monitoring, Lane Assist and the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, all as standard). Online services open up new service dimensions (such as automatic accident notification, online traffic and parking space info, vehicle status report), the on-board electronics integrate all of today’s smartphones of the Apple and Android worlds into the functionality of the infotainment systems via App Connect, and even tablets become an integral part of the automobile via the Media Control app. This has resulted in a Tiguan with which Volkswagen is redefining broad aspects of the A-SUV segment.


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