May 19, 2024

Sadly, yes, accidents do happen. Like this very morning to me. I was on the 5 freeway driving North under the 133 overpass near Irvine. It was heavy traffic, very heavy, so we were doing a snails pace, about 5-10 mph at max, but probably less.

The Jeep behind me was suddenly hit with a lot of force by a Black Chevy Tahoe, older model, probably late 90’s. the sheer force of the impact slammed the Jeep into the back of my 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, which Toyota had kindly provided for evaluation.

The Chevy Tahoe had such speed that it nearly side swiped me too, but barely avoided it, only to drive on.. Did see, as it flew by, that it had sustained substantial front end damage, even the hood was clearly bent up, but apparently not enough for this driver to face up his responsibilities. He fled the scene leaving the injured out there. Get Injury Answers here regarding such cases to be clear on what to do after it.

The Jeep and I, both in the Number 1 lane, moved to safety on the side of the car pool lane, and contacted 911. I took the attached photos while waiting for CHP. As you can see, substantial damage, enough to have the car towed away.

Other than pain in my neck, obviously from this impact, I don’t have anything, and neither does the female military officer driving the Jeep. Lucky us.

So what do I learn from this? I was thankful that I kept enough distance from the people in front of this slow moving traffic, to myself not slam into them. I also learned that an accident can happen quickly, and from anywhere. So I want to make sure I don’t postpone doing what I feel I have to do. And honestly, the most important part, if you cause an accident, it is an accident. Face up to it. Shit happens.. Don’t hide from it.






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