July 24, 2024

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Text and photos by Cor Steenstra

The Toyota Prius C  is a small compact sized vehicle, much in the size of the Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2. Given that it is a Prius, it also comes equipped with a very fuel efficient hybrid package, and we were left in total awe. Not only did the Prius C turn out to be quite a nippy little driver, the average fuel consumption we could easily achieve, around 60 mpg in our subjective usage, easily beat our expectations.

The design reminded me of the European Toyota’s made in cooperation with Citroen and Peugeot, but it isn’t. It is very nicely done though, and the double bubble in the roof is a nice extra. I have had it just about now with the chrome treatment of tail lights, sourced from the after market scene, and always just plain weird, but a nice red glass or any other darkening treatment would make that a non issue.

The interior design was certainly nice and refreshing, with interesting usage of color and materials. And even I, at 6’4″ not an easy person to place, found quite a nice and comfortable seating position.

Most importantly, the car drove like a nice and nippy car, fun to drive, happy. It never seemed like an “oh look at me save the environment” vehicle, even though, as said, it stunned us with its fuel consumption. So, in conclusion, this is a really excellent offering from Toyota in the Prius channel!

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