July 24, 2024

I am not going to tell you big stories about how great this car was to drive and how I took it right to its limits on public roads. None of that. I didn’t drive the Ferrari LaFerrari. Be honest, if you would have one of these, would you let anyone else drive it? Not only with all risks involved, but also simply because it will be your baby and nobody touches that. It is common sense. Also I thought it was totally understandable to not want the incense plate visible so people could track you down with all the consequences of that these days. What I can tell you is that, when driven by someone who can handle it and himself, this car is indeed a very smooth and very fast machine on any surface. What I can also tell you is that it is rather difficult to get in and especially out of it, especially with my height and weight, and once in, it is a snug fit. On the one hand you have come to expect that since it is a racing car for the road, but on the other hand it makes me wonder how many people are small in stature and weight, fit, and have the money to buy one of thees, let alone the talent to drive it responsibly and fast?

The exterior design of Ferrari’s these days seem more about the styling than anything else. In the 70’s and 80’s, to me, they had this forms follow function in a gorgeous esthetic as their brand motto, often with designs by PininFarina that made your mouth water. Perfection at the time. If I look at Ferrari these days it is not as extreme as Lamborghini, but it is definitely trying its best to come across as wild and daring rather than sophisticated and purposeful. I know, there are lots and lots of openings in and outward for air to pass through, but to be honest, speaking as a non-engineer, if I follow all the ducts through from beginning to end, there isn’t a lot of logic there. Some are just decorative, and some widen and narrow at will, without an underlying aerodynamic purpose, just styling. It sure is an attention getter, but I was comvinced that was not the first thing a Ferrari was bought for, but maybe I am being melancholic.

The interior was very well equipped and modern in design. It was a long distance from the essential basics of the old Ferrari’s. This was clearly designed with a keen eye on functionality and form. It looked very pleasing to the eye, not too busy, but admittedly overwhelming at first glance. As said, it fits very snugly, and my arm easily gets in the way of the driver, of course. I think we were no more than 10 cm apart, so that makes sense.

Would I buy this Ferrari, if I had a lot of money and nothing better to do with it, for sure, but then I would have it made to my liking, that I could sit in it in comfort, sporty but still comfortable, and that I could get in and especially out without becoming the laughing stock of the neighborhood. It all is important.

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  • LaFerrari Lake Elsinore-00014
  • LaFerrari Lake Elsinore-00015
  • LaFerrari Lake Elsinore-00016
  • LaFerrari Lake Elsinore-00017
  • LaFerrari Lake Elsinore-00018
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